Special Bunny and Christmas Spirit


 It’s amazing to me when I look back, how there were so many times where I see God’s hand in my life. Even though I didn’t know God very well, he sure knew me.

Recently I saw the movie It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. Twice. I highly recommend it. There were some scenes where Mr. Rogers talked about the importance of remembering what is was like to be a child and to remember that special childhood toy. It really got me thinking. 

Then Pastor Chad asked if anyone had a special Christmas story or Christmas memory from their own life they could share. This got me thinking again and here is the result. 

Special Bunny and Christmas Spirit

Once upon a time there was a little girl who lived with her mom and dad and lots of older brothers and sisters. One day when she was 2 years old the little girl met a very special bunny while she was out shopping with her mom. Much to mom’s surprise Special Bunny had decided to come live with them and he was discovered all snuggled in the stroller with Little Girl when they arrived home. 

But how that came to be is another story.... and I might add there was never any proof or charges laid.  

Special Bunny and Little Girl were best of friends for many, many years.

During those years a great sadness fell over Little Girl and her family. Everyone loved the best they could, and tried the best they could but the family broke apart and it was a very dark and scary time.

When Little Girl was 9 years old, she went to live with her dad and one sister. With no mom, and a dad who was often away on business trips, Sister, who was not very old herself, had to be very responsible. She went to school and took care of the house and she had to take care of Little Girl. Sister carried a heavy burden and sometimes felt afraid.

That Christmas, Christmas Spirit came. Little Girl decided she wanted to give Jesus a present, it was his birthday after all. But it had to be a very special present. Nothing was more special than Special Bunny! On Christmas eve Little Girl carefully wrapped Special Bunny and gently placed him under the tree. She knew and believed with all her heart that Special Bunny would not be there in the morning.

On Christmas morning Little Girl didn’t even notice the abundance of toys that Santa brought. All she saw was Special Bunny, still wrapped, still under the tree. Her heart sank and she felt very disappointed. Didn’t Jesus want his present?! Sister had not been aware of Little’s Girl’s plan and so didn’t know what to do or how to comfort her. That’s when Christmas Spirit gave Sister a message for Little Girl.  

“I have a message for you Little Girl,” Sister said. “Jesus loves his present very much. He says it’s the best present ever but Special Bunny loves you and would miss you terribly. Special Bunny needs you. So would you please take care of Special Bunny for me? Always remember how much l love Special Bunny, I love your present and how much I love YOU!”

Christmas Spirit is real. Christmas Spirit takes us out of ourselves and carries our burdens. Christmas Spirit is light in the dark, scary places. Christmas Spirit is comfort in the painful places. Christmas Spirit is with us and for us.

Christmas Spirit is Jesus. Emmanuel God with us.

Little Girl is Grandmother now. She still has Special Bunny and she still has the memories. But even better she has Jesus. Her and Sister both have Jesus and Jesus has them! 


  1. "It’s amazing to me when I look back, how there were so many times where I see God’s hand in my life. Even though I didn’t know God very well, he sure knew me."

    ⏫ This is so true!

    Thank you for sharing this recollection and the story God gave you ❤


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