Spring Break - March 2022

Pitt River

 MARCH - Spring has definitely sprung!  Throughout the month I have started hearing the frogs in the evening, seen my first robins of the year, my first daffodils and my first breathtaking rows and rows of cherry blossoms. Such a sight to behold. All so wonderful and exciting - the hope of sunny days and warmer weather. Unfortunately I also saw my first snakeS. A whole family that I almost stepped on! I am still getting freaked out as I type this. Ugh ugh ugh

Daffodils grow wild everywhere

Pictures do not do it justice. They go all the way down the street. 
Some are much more pink.

Ongoing or New Theme Words for March: (most not written about in this post but repeatedly coming up in books/articles I'm reading, and heard from speakers/podcasts and some on facebook... )

Fear Not
Tree of Life
River/Living Water
Pilgrimage Trail
Consuming Fire/ Mountain
The Table

March Highlights:

1 - Avery Day! 

Oh my heart! Always a fun time πŸ’—

2-  From March 10th - 
Tonight at midnight our mask mandate is lifting for most public places. I am excited but a little nervous too. Cautiously optimistic? Feels like the training wheels are coming off. I guess I will feel much better once I see how we're all doing in about 2 weeks.

3 - Lots around Healing - just a couple of visuals

4 - Trip to Pitt River Dyke

I was really missing my brother Paul. Took James and Avery to Pitt River where we scattered Paul's  ashes. I always feel closer to him and to God there in that sacred space. The views are spectacular and the air is fresher. 

James and Avery's first time at Pitt River Dyke

As Elaine said, nice to have my little sunshine with me


5- Girls arrived for Spring break. We had them for almost 2 weeks! 

Nathalie brought my ukulele which was a gift from Lee (can't play yet), got some hikes in despite a lot of rainy and grey weather, explored some new trails, watched the long awaited Encanto, Hawkeye series, the new Spider Man movie, did a 2000 piece Marvel puzzle, trip to Krispy Kreme, Grandad took the girls to Science World while Nat and I had mother daughter day.  Afternoon at Aldor Acres Farm,  traditional games of Aggravation and Dutch Blitch. And one of the biggest highlights was an evening when all 3 of my grandchildren were doing yoga with me

The gang is all here! (minus Steve unfortunately) 

This was so fun and one of my favourite nights!

New place to hike at Aldergrove Park
Had to get a selfie. Crystal did a great job

One of Cadence's favourite trees

A girl and her tree - don't know where she gets that from

I love that they loved the hikes as much as we did

The Posers πŸ˜„ (after watching Hawkeye and Black Widow) 

A trip to Opus for some new art supplies and then sketching in the park on one of the few sunny days we had.  The girls both said this was one of their highlights which I thought was pretty cool.

Love having them here.
 My living room is full sleeping beauties every morning when I wake up.

This is Bob. It may be hard to see but Bob was born with a cleft lip.
 It was Bob's first birthday. This was a birthday party for Bob at Aldor Acres.

Bob's special birthday cookies.
If you click on the photo you can even see the cleft lip on the cookie.

The girls love the goats and the goats love the girls

3 weeks old. They look like little stuffies. There were tiny piglets too

Their favourite is always the kittens

So great to have James with us too.
Avery and Brooke were in Kelowna

2000 pieces! I am not usually a puzzle person but there were seven of us
working on it over 3.5 days which made it more fun

The middle part was by far the hardest

Brunswick Point in Ladner. Great spot for a family walk

I think they are talking about the Krispy Kreme donuts we're
getting on the way home. Or maybe how annoying it is
 to smile for a photo when the sun is in your eyes

Oui Capitaine

Mother/daughter moments

6 - Brooke's Birthday!  

Brooke was in Kelowna for her birthday but we celebrated when
she got back. (this is an older photo)   We are so very thankful to have Brooke in our family 

My Challenges: 

- Growing out my bangs for the first time in 50 years and also growing out my grey at the same time. The struggle is real. 

-30 Day yoga challenge. Still going strong. I average about 6 days a week.

This was my favourite one of the month.  Yoga for vulnerability. Give it a try!


- Lent. I kinda suck at this. I am a work in progress. Good to be mindful and keep trying

- Learning Ukulele.  I didn't expect it to be easy at all but it is way harder than I thought. I am not giving up! 

- Eating too much sugar, too many starches. 

My Wins:

I am still consistently and successfully following the rhythms I wrote about in January's post. So life giving for me. I see and feel the fruit of it.

You can check it out if you didn't see it and don't know what I am referring to. https://dededitty.blogspot.com/2022/02/rhythm-january-2022.html

- My massage therapist said it was the first time she has seen me that my shoulders weren't up at my ears.  I have been seeing her for 3 years.  My neck is starting to emerge! Thank you yoga!! 

- All the photo boxes are out of storage. My goal is to have only Christmas and a few seasonal items in my storage locker. Not there yet but almost!

- Getting this post done. It's sometimes hard to make the time but I want to have this digital scrapbook

- I had 3 little succulents in a single pot that needed to be replanted. I had 3 little empty pots from Andrew Huculiak and Kir's wedding quite a few years ago. I had 3 little lanterns that used to be hanging in our tree in our first place in Aldergrove. Now we are without tree. I was inspired and Avery helped me pull it all together. One for his mom, one for Auntie Nathalie O'Shea and one for me. Don't know if they will live but it was a fun project to do together and I was thrilled that it was all items I already had!

Every once in a while I can be creative and resourceful

Hard Parts: 

For Ukraine  

Our church has been raising money and still is for relief. I believe last I heard it was over 150,000 and still climbing. I will have to double check on that. We have people on the ground getting supplies in and people out.  We found out that one of the vans was hit. 3 people killed and 2 injured. The harsh reality.

Song - No Boderline by Chris de Burgh  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jx_AiFf_DCI

Dedicated to all the soldiers πŸ’” and their loved ones. An old favourite of mine that has now been on repeat.

 Video Clip - figure skaters from Ukraine  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHqG-QT4epI

March Songs:

 - We Don't Talk About Bruno.  Cannot get this song out of my head. I dare ya, if you haven't heard it yet go ahead and listen.  Tommy and I had the privilege of having it in stereo between Crystal and Cadence not just during the movie but every car ride, every walk, while we were doing the puzzle...days after they left it's still in my brain. Help!!  


 - Not For a Moment.   by Meredith Andrews  Sent to me from a friend. Thank you Anna Emm πŸ’•   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qoh26pC2RT8

Book:  The Unvarnished Jesus

3rd year in a row I have done this daily reading book for lent.
 I would highly 
recommend it for anyone. It was a life changer for me.

I didn't create this meme but I just REALLY needed to add it. 

If I were younger I would have it as a poster on my wall

 I see the Tree of Life

Art by Tara Turner

March Memories: Precious memories coming up on Facebook I want to preserve in case I ever lose my Facebook account for whatever reason

March 6 2019 - Left straight from work and headed to Harrison Hot Springs Resort for a belated anniversary celebration and to meet up with dear friends from Peachland also celebrating their anniversary. I had never been in Hot Springs before. The lower photo is the view from our room of the hot springs. We were mostly in the one to the right which you cannot see where no kids are allowed. πŸ™‚ It was lovely to be in the hot springs with little fluffy snow flakes falling on us. Check out the link https://www.harrisonresort.com/?utm_source=googlemaps... We stayed in the heritage building, that part was built in the 1920's. 

Love these phots of John & Lee. 

2012 - St Patrick's Day in PEI

Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow

2015 - Mrs. Jean Keen commented in a post about how all the keys would mysteriously disappear from typing class. I just burst out laughing! I had totally forgotten about that, and that I had these ones I "obtained" around 1982. (D and T for Dede and Tommy of course πŸ™‚ ) Oh the memories came flooding back from typing classes at LTM - one of the best and most useful classes I ever took there. Thanks Mrs. Jean Keen you still rock!! xo ❤ This only accounts for 2 of the missing keys..although I will not name names feel free to get it off your chest and use this post to share your confessions my children - it is oh so freeing πŸ˜‰

2020 - With my French friends on Facebook there is currently a challenge to post a childhood photo. One of my friends posted this. I had never seen it before. That's he and I as tiny little pre schoolers. What fun!

 What fun to see it pop up on facebook

2016 - #FunnyFriday 

"I read recipes the same way I read science fiction. I get to the end & I think, 'Well, that's not going to happen.'" ~ Anonymous

2019 - March 11 It would have been Gramma Mingo's 94th birthday today. I can't believe you've been gone almost 5 years.

πŸ™ I'm still so very thankful for the conversation we had on your last birthday. I wish I could pick up the phone right now and there would be a direct line to heaven. Blowing you kisses and sending you hugs until we meet again! 😘😘😘

So grateful that on her last birthday I spoke with her on the phone
for almost an hour.  

2019 - Sadly I think this won't be happening anymore

March 19 - Cadence and Crystal got to spend the day working with Grandad in the warehouse. One of their favourite things to do when they visit. They have worked with Grandad many times over the last few years.

2019 - Still true today

My March Pilgrimage Trails:

 Aldergrove Park

 Aldergrove Park

Always spectacular coming to this opening and the view that awaits


Pitt River Dyke

Walking, praying, talking to God and to my brother.
Keeping him close in my heart. Until we meet again. 

Spring Break Aldergrove new trail

Spring Break Aldergrove new trail

Spring break Aldergrove new trail

Bridge on new trail

Spring break Aldergrove

Spring break Aldergrove

Fort Langley - Skipping and hopping. 
Afterward a stop at our favourite old fashioned candy store 

Brunswick Point in Ladner with the family.
Managed to get in some contemplative prayer time

Looking Forward To: 
- Warmer weather. It's still too cold, rainy grey and damp
- Having 4 days off at Easter
- Going back to church for the first time in over 2 years and starting at a new church



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