Spring Break - March 2022

Pitt River  MARCH - Spring has definitely sprung!  Throughout the month I have started hearing the frogs in the evening, seen my first robins of the year, my first daffodils and my first breathtaking rows and rows of cherry blossoms. Such a sight to behold. All so wonderful and exciting - the hope of sunny days and warmer weather. Unfortunately I also saw my first snakeS. A whole family that I almost stepped on! I am still getting freaked out as I type this. Ugh ugh ugh Daffodils grow wild everywhere Pictures do not do it justice. They go all the way down the street.  Some are much more pink. Ongoing or New Theme Words for March: (most not written about in this post but repeatedly coming up in books/articles I'm reading, and heard from speakers/podcasts and some on facebook... ) Healing Movement Beloved Fear Not Sunrise Trinity/Union Tree of Life River/Living Water Birds/Comfort Pilgrimage Trail Farm/Ocean Consuming Fire/ Mountain The Table Silence Garden March Highlights: 1 - Av