One Less


One less bin of keepsakes weighing me down… Precious memories. So many greeting cards.  Cherished moments, the handwriting, the gestures. Instead I will keep them in my heart. Let some more things go.  The things kept out are displayed or useful. Not doing any good at all in a box where they were not holding their place of honour or purpose.  I wrote a letter to my dad. Then did some more healing. Loving him all the more. Connecting all the more, not less.

 I have gained.

 One less box in storage…. the “ I don’t know what to do with it” stuff…here just for now, but just for now turned into a long time.  Not all, but most could go.  Recycling or give away bin. That bin I just emptied already fulfills a different purpose and will benefit someone else.  Valuable real estate freed up.

  I have gained.

 One less box in my cupboard….VHS from days gone by.  Some favorite shows and movies fun and dramatic but now gone. More weight lifted.  There isn’t much you can’t get on tv or online now.  We can find the same, better or more. What we cannot find had it’s day, it’s time. 

The family movies.  Now those are treasures!  Being transferred to digital perhaps just in time. Quality slipping. VCR is tired. My husband has the skill and patience of a saint that I couldn’t pull off.

I am looking so forward to having a movie night watching the clips back to back once this project is done. Like the good old days with the reel to reel.  No rhyme or reason just loved ones and silly antics or touching moments. Family reunions.  Hearing voices, seeing expressions.  Loved ones that have passed on.  The littles with chipmunk voices have littles of their own now.  A bunch of nothing that means everything.  Isn’t that the way, and what we have learned.  All the more precious. Time passes so quickly. These really needed to get out of the box. Almost lost forever. 

 I have gained so much.

 I am not new to this process I started years ago but it comes and goes in waves, in seasons.  Certain times of year, vacations, holidays or a death can bring it all to a halt but now it’s time again. 

 With each “one less” I am gaining so much more!



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